mojtrax is a Los Angeles-based original unit founded and led by guitarist, composer and producer Tetsuya Moriguchi a.k.a T-Jam. The unit includes industry veterans Richie Vanilla and Kenny Harris. While the band rocks, they draw as much upon R&B and Rock/Pop fusing the best of these styles to produce vibe-heavy, smooth grooving elements.

mojtrax is the result of the singular vision of Tetsuya Moriguchi a.k.a T-Jam. Always doing things his own way, he left a career as business man at Sony in Tokyo to come to America and play guitar professionally. Since then, he's been something of a musical chameleon: producing artists, recording his own music, producing CM jingles for tons of Japanese companies. As a result, mojtrax just doesn't sound like any other band out there.

mojtrax's sound so unique, in part, because they draw upon such a wide range of influences. They combine rock beats, with the sensibilities of R&B music.

"I listen to everything," states T-Jam, "I left Japan because everything over there is a copy of the real deal here." Because he's coming at it from that angle, T-Jam sees music as being either good – or bad – and refuses to deny himself the chance to be influenced by any real good music.

T-Jam and mojtrax had some success with an earlier version of the band. They recorded two CDs that sold well, and received critical acclaim in Japan on the Kioon/Sony label late 90's. Now T-Jam and mojtrax are poised to hit the L.A. scene with their grooving, soulful blend of rock.