los angeles based japanese guitarist, producer, and composer (tetsuya moriguchi) specialized in blues, R&B, acoustic, gospel, and soul music.

Fender Stratcaster Custom Shop 1991



I bought from Andy Brauer Shop in 1992. Usually I preferred rosewood neck. But this maple neck somehow create funky chicken sound. Gorgeous blonde white with gold parts.

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Fender Stratcaster Custom Color 1995



I bought at Westwood Music Shop. Fred gave me a chance to have this stratocaster. Lacey pickups create massive fat sound without noise. Beautiful mystic purplized blue, almost looks black.

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I gout this from Vestax Guitar products chief engineer, Mr. Matsushita in 1987, Tokyo, Japan. I toured all over Japan with this guitar. Active Vestax Original pickups can create great sound through direct in.

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Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop



I bought this from the guy lived in Hollywood in 1994. I love the own unique color "Honey Lemon Drops." Of course, Fat like mama's ass! Crazy Juicy sound I can squeeze out ya all!

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Gretsch G6121 W Roundup Solid Body with Bigsby



I bought at Guitar Center, Hollywood in 1994. I always love Gretsch's orange color somehow. Besides Fender and Gibson, this is my dreaming unique guitar. It is good for alternative rock sound. I think it is made in Japan before Fender bought out Gretsch. Inlay is a kind of country vibe designed, but it is still cool for butt shaking groove, my friend.

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Fender Jazz Bass


60's and 70's

When I saw this lady sittin' couch of recording studio in Hawaii in 1992, I was fallin' love with this sexy sophisticated lady. Finally I could make love to her in 1996. Original owner Millan Bertosa in Honolulu said that the neck is in 60's and body is early 70's composed by Steve Fox who used to be a bass player of Godiego, Japanese famous rock band in 80's.

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EFX and Toys
Tech 21 TRI-OD
Cry Baby
BOSS HM2 Harmonizer
BOSS DD-20 Digital Delay
Electronic Harmonics Small Stone Phazer
BOSS Digital Dimension C
TC Electronics Phazer PH-VII
Guyatone Wah Rocker WR-2
Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter
Dan Electro "Tuna Melt" Tremolo
BOSS Tuner
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